Calluna Vulgaris (Heather) Homeopathic Flower Remedy

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Calluna Vulgaris, Flos - Heather: Self-centered, talkativeness.
Calluna Vulgaris. Homeopathic Flower Remedy Available in 20ml (Drops) Calluna Vulgaris, Flos - Heather: Self-centered, talkativeness.

Inner loneliness comes from not connecting fully with others and their personal needs. Instead, one is overly concerned with one’s own affairs and needs and one gives into the strong urge to talk about them.

The goal of remedy: To become a good listener and tune into other’s problems, which leads to de-emphasis of one’s own concerns. Ingredient: Heather...5X Directions: Take ten drops on tongue three times daily. If symptoms persist, consult a health care practitioner.
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Brand AL-HAKIM Homeopathic
Medicine Type Flower Remedy
Potency / Quantity 30ml Drops | 7g 280 Globules
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